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The company started in 1979 in a small smithy in Harndrup by Jens Gade, a former engineer with Dan-Foam. (Now called Tempur).

The company moved to Aarup in 1982 since when it has made healthy progress, growing from just 3 employees to the present day 24.

Due to increasing orders the company has expanded twice, first time in 1987 and again in 2001. Since December 2001 the daughter and son Henriette and Jacob Gade had been running Danish Elastomer A/S together.

However after Henriette sought new challenges elsewhere, from the 1-7-2012 Jacob Gade took over her part of the company and stands today as the sole owner of Danish Elastomer A/S.

On the 19th of April 2002 an accident occurred and the casting section burned down, however it is now rebuilt and all is working as before (Only with more knowledge regarding fire hazards).

The company produces polyurethane which is used for coating wheels and rollers. In addition Danish Elastomer A/S casts tubes in this material, which are later used as packings in aircraft, off-shore and other industries.

Danish Elastomer A/S produces from each individual order, that is to say the company is always developing new items to meet the requirements of the customer.

The company produces for customers at home and abroad, with around 30% of the turnover going abroad.

On the right the founders of the company Danish Elastomer A/S, Jens and Inga Gade.

Inga Gade​

​Jens Gade

Current owner ​Jacob Gade

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Workshop specialized in polyurethane (PUR)​

Company build in 1979

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Modern machinefactory

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​Dansk Elastomer A/S

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