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The production of polyurethane

Danish Elastomer A/S produces polyurethane (PUR) recoating, PU, rubber etc. of high quality with quick delivery.

  • Mold-cast products of PUR
  • (an impression of the customers own product can be made)
  • Boards, staves and tubes cast in PUR
  • PUR can be cast/glued onto metal
  • Wheels/rollers coated with PUR
  • Complete wheels/rollers can be provided

The advantages of PUR: good durability, high strength, good resistance to chemicals and a high elasticity. PUR is supplied in the following degrees of hardness: 55-98 Shore A, 58D & 72D

Remember; Danish Elastomer’s mold costs are low in comparison to those used in injection molding machines.

Below can be seen examples of our work.

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